Monday, June 7, 2010

Online Shopping

So I did it.  I joined!

When you join, you get a little "New!" next to your profile, which means that every message or wink I've gotten makes me feel like that new girl in school who gets pounced on as fresh meat.  I suppose it's better than no messages or winks, except that usually my reaction when I click on their profiles is "Ugh gross."  I guess it's sort of what I expected.  A lot of messages from old guys, horribly unattactive guys and guys who take pictures shirtless in front of their mirrors with camera phones.  Ugh gross.

On a less negative note, browsing is kind of fun!  It's like online shopping for a boyfriend!  Which made me realize that I seem to be spending a lot of my time these days online shopping.  For shoes, wine, groceries, dogs and now boys...

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