Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Match Story #1: Filters

Today, I logged into match and this popped up:

Based on what you've told us in your profile, we've noticed you're getting a lot of emails from people who don't meet your criteria. Would you like us to show you how to use email filters so you can get more emails from people you want to meet?

So I said, why, yes, thank you match.  I would like to know how to get more emails from cuter, smarter guys who do not misspell definitely.

And match responded, well, here's how you can set up filters!

Basically, if someone messages you and he doesn't meet the criteria that you select, his message goes straight into the "filtered mail" folder.  Criteria by which you can weed people out include age, height, location, smoker/non-smoker, want kids/don't want kids, ethnicity and religion.  So it basically enables you to say, "If you're a 40-year-old agnostic smoker who doesn't want kids, then you're spam and I don't even want to see your message in my inbox."

I decided that I would be super shallow and filter out all guys under 5'8". 

Turns out, the filter is also retroactive.  So the filter gets applied to every message that you've already received.  Apparently 18, eighteen, of the 31 guys who have messaged me are under 5'8"!!!!

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