Sunday, March 21, 2010


I can never bring myself to delete phone numbers from my phone book.  It's partly sentimentality and it's partly just that I am a pack rat.  So, naturally, I have all these random guys' phone numbers in my phone.  On occasion, this causes a lot of confusion for me when I come across a random "Mike" or "Adam" or other generic name in my phone book and can't figure out who they are.  But still, I never delete.  Instead, I re-organized my phone book so that anyone who I've met randomly is in there as "Random - [Name]."  A few are even in there as "Random - [Name of bar]."  This also helps to avoid awkwardly calling the wrong person.

But it doesn't prevent it completely.

Last night, I was trying to call a friend to tell him I was running late to meet him.  Unfortunately, said friend is in the middle of a phone book minefield.  I have 5 guys in my phone with his name, AND he just happens to be smushed right in between 'C' and 'A'.  I'm always afraid that I will accidentally call 'C' and break our collective silence, since we haven't actually spoken since December 2008.  I've never worried so much about calling 'A', the guy that I went on one perfect date with before he moved to Seattle.  But of course, yesterday, instead of calling my friend, I called 'A'.  I didn't even realize until I got his voice mail.  Two minutes later, the following text conversation ensued:

'A': Did you call me on purpose?
Me: No sorry!  Too many people named [name] in my phone.  Hope all is well.
'A': Ouch.
'A': Well...I was at dinner or I would've answered...
Me: That would've been hilariously awkward since I didn't even realize I called the wrong [name] until I got your voice mail!
'A': Are you going to make out with the other [name] at the [building where we made out] too?

Oh 'A'.  If only you hadn't moved.

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