Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Ode to the Rain

I'm appalled sometimes at how frequently the weather creeps into my everyday conversation.  I talk about it with everyone, from my coffee guy to the security guards to my colleagues. Sometimes I think the "science" of weather forecasting is completely made up, and it's all just a ruse to give people something to talk about around the water cooler when there's a dearth of office gossip.  I suppose it's probably better that when someone asks "How was your trip this weekend?" I answer with, "Oh the weather was gorgeous," rather than, "Well I got plastered every night and had to do the walk of shame."

Today, it rained in New York.  All day.  A pure, constant, light rain.  Now, I sigh and complain as much as the next person every time it rains, but secretly, I love the rain.  I love cozying up and staying inside when it rains.  I love putting on rain boots and going for a stroll when it rains.  I love having an excuse not to run errands when it's raining.  I love making up excuses to run errands when it's raining.   I love how the City seems quieter when it rains.  I love the way the cars sound as they whiz through the pools collecting in potholes.  I love it when it rains during the day and the light becomes muted and the air weepy.  I love it when it rains at night and the streetlights reflect in puddles and the asphalt glistens.

But mostly, I love the way the rain makes me appreciate the sun.


  1. Oh, I love the rain too. xD

    Do you live in The City? Is the rain as awful there as everybody makes it out to be?

  2. If I remember correctly, it was the cab ride of shame. :)

    Btw I talk about the weather ALL the time with anyone who will listen.

  3. Haha nope, the snow is MUCH worse than the rain...

    And thanks for calling me out C!