Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, my first (slash second) post was pretty sappy. And really, for the most part, when I haven't just been disappointed by a boy for the hundredth time, I am overall a pretty happy person. Cynical? Yes. Bitter? Oh alright, yes, sometimes. See above. But overly emotional and always talking about my feelings? No. Today I reviewed my first (slash second) post and was a little shocked to see that I had used the word "cry" not once but three times. Like I said, I forget half the things I write. So for today, something a little more lighthearted.

Like my Spanish phrase-of-the-day calendar. I know, it's like a thousand percent dorky. But at the beginning of 2009, I bought one of those tear off a page each day calendars in an attempt to learn a little bit of Spanish. And by a little bit, I really do mean a little bit. For the first 3 months of the year, I could only remember one phrase: "Mi dia favorito es el viernes."  Translation: My favorite day is Friday. We decided it actually was quite a useful phrase to know. Very multi-purpose. For example, at work it could be used like this:

"When do you think we should have this conference call?"
"Mi dia favorito es el viernes."

Or if you were at a bar:

"We should grab a drink together sometime."
"Mi dia favorito es el viernes."

Or if you were planning a trip:

"Let's go to Rome."
"Mi dia favorito es el viernes."

Ok so maybe it doesn't work so well in that last example, but nonetheless a relatively versatile phrase. A full year of Spanish phrases later, I've only mastered a few additional key phrases, like "Vamos a tomar algo" (Let's go get a drink) and "Es fea" (It's ugly). Perhaps it's not the most effective way to learn a language, but I keep it around (and even bought a new one for 2010) because occasionally, my calendar surprises me with a slightly creepy insight into my life. Like the time that I spent a terrible, horrible weekend at work. Monday's phrase was "Me merezco un aumento" (I deserve a raise). True dat! And then there was the day when I showed up to work completely hungover and my calendar said, "Necesito dormir la siesta" (I need a nap). And then there was today. "Eres soltero?" (Are you single?) Why yes Calendar, thanks for reminding me. I AM single. Ugh. I suppose though, together with "Vamos a tomar algo," I can now start picking up Spaniards and Mexicans at bars! Just as long as they don't call me "fea."

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